While in the midst of the Coronavirus, the question is.... Reusable Bags or Plastic Bags?

  • Mar 30, 2020

Let's be RELEVANT!  Right now, we MUST


"Dare to be Different"




While in the midst of the Coronavirus,


the question is....


Reusable Bags or Plastic Bags?




Over the past several years, many towns and states have banned the use of


plastic bags, enforcing the use of reusable bags.




Today, this is being questioned.


There is uncertainty from various studies and opinions about whether


the reusable bags can carry, and transmit, the virus.




And shoppers are wondering what they should do!




Massachusetts and New Hampshire have temporarily banned the use of reusable bags.


The Minnesota Grocers Association has printed flyers stating that reusable bags


could be a carrier of the virus.


Many grocery stores, including Target, are asking shoppers to


bag their own purchases when they bring their own bags.




On the other side, an environmental health scientist at the University of Minnesota who studies airborne viruses,


Pete Raynor, does not believe that science supports the need to ban reusable bags.


He says "viruses are less likely to survive for long periods of time on porous surfaces, like fabrics..." and he says 


"science suggests that you're not going to have an infectious virus on the bag."




I read quite a few articles about this over the weekend,


(like you, I am quarantined with more time than usual)


and I found one article that was eye opening.




One study about reusable bags stated that about 97% of people never washed their bags;


and they went on to say that over 50% of the bags tested found E Coli contamination!






making this part of our new normal along with better hygiene and safety practices.




Click on the image for a great article about how to safely


USE and CLEAN your reusable bags:









My personal opinion...


I think I would rather bring my own, CLEAN, reusable bag and pack my own groceries


than have an employee take one of their plastic bags and handle all of my groceries.


But now, washing my bags will be as important as washing my hands!




What are YOUR thoughts?  Please share!




And then, of course, we need to think about how we handle the groceries we bring in the house!


Click on this image for more TIPS on safe grocery shopping.







Please share this information with others!


"We Are All In This Together"




Click on the link below to read about the information I referred to in this blog:









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