Old School vs. New School Promo Products

  • Nov 4, 2022

It’s no secret – people love “vintage” products. Just look at the huge resurgence in vintage clothing that began in the early 2010’s and you’ll see what we’re talking about! For every modern promotional product that we offer, there has been a vintage predecessor. Here are a few of our favorite old school promo products and their contemporary counterparts:


Hotel Keychain

These old school diamond-shaped hotel keychains are iconic, and for good reason. They’re sleek, stylish, and have a clear vintage vibe. Plus, they’re so popular now that we would almost consider this a modern product!

No Contact Keychain

To contrast, no keychain could possibly be more “2020” than these no contact keychains. Perfect for opening doors, pressing buttons, and more without ever having to touch a surface with your hands, these keychains were created specifically for the modern world we live in today.

Coin Pouches

Coin Pouch

If you ever tagged along with mom to the bank as a kid, you’ve probably come into contact with one of these old school coin pouches. To access your coins, give this vinyl pouch a squeeze and it’ll open right up. Let go and it snaps closed, keeping change safe and secure.

Card Pouch

American society has become less cash-reliant over the past few decades, making a card-sized pouch the perfect modern counterpart to the squeezy vinyl pouch. These pouches are the perfect size to hold IDs and debit cards, so clients can keep their digital change safe.



The favorite old school promo product of bars everywhere, branded matchbooks are a total classic. There are even people who collect them – that’s true vintage cred right there!


This one is a no brainer – lighters are clearly the more modern take on branded matches. They’re ultra-portable, and the way that they get passed from person to person like pens helps to increase your brand exposure. Plus, people totally still hold them in the air at concerts!


Wooden Nickel

Wooden nickels are another very popular old school product. Typically used as drink tokens or mini-souvenirs, people have been handing branded wooden nickels out at events for decades.

NFC Chip

An ultra-modern take on the wooden nickel would be the NFC chip. They’re about the same size, but instead of being a little piece of wood, you can preload these chips so that they’ll pull up websites, videos, or whatever other content you want to share when your customers hold them up to their phones.

Curious about what other old school and modern products we have to offer? Contact us today to learn more!

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