Let's Get Physical! 9 Promo Products for Personal Trainers, Gyms, and More

  • Jul 30, 2021

Physical fitness is an integral part of leading a healthy life, but it’s not always easy to accomplish on one’s own! That’s where personal trainers, gyms, and fitness classes come in. If you own a fitness business, promotional products can be a great way to help grow your customer base and reward your most loyal patrons.

Here are nine of our favorite physically fit promo products:

Cooling Towel

cooling towel

Whether it’s running, lifting weights, or attending a yoga class, sweating it up in the gym is inevitable. Give your customers a way to keep cool and keep your equipment clean with these branded cooling towels. Simply get the towel wet for a cooling effect that can help your clients push through their next set!

Water Jug

water jug

No matter what physical activity you’re doing, water is an absolute must. In fact, it’s incredibly dangerous to exercise without proper hydration. With these 75 Oz. water jugs, your customers will have as much water as they need for their entire workout. These bottles are large, giving you a vast area to print your business information, so recipients know who to thank for their hydration.

Shaker Bottle with Compartment

shaker bottle

Protein shakes, pre-workout supplements, electrolyte powders… the possibilities are endless with this shaker bottle. With a compartment at the bottom perfect for holding powders until you’re ready to mix everything up and a secure flip-top, this bottle is ideal for toting back and forth to the gym.

Wireless Earbuds

wireless earbuds

Say thank you to your most loyal clientele with this high-end appreciation gift. Wireless earbuds are a must for regular gym-goers! With no wires to get in the way, they make listening to your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks easy and convenient. Have your logo printed on the case for a gift that they’re sure to remember.

Resistance Band Set

resistance bands

This set of resistance bands with a convenient, matching carrying case makes an excellent signup gift for personal trainers. When a new client signs up for your services, give them this set to stretch it out at home and include your contact info on the carrying bag. They’ll be more limber in no time!

Duffel Bag

duffel bag

The duffel bag is a classic gym promo, and for a good reason. With plenty of space to hold a change of clothes, shoes, and all the other accessories gym-goers need for their workouts, this classic duffel can go from home to office to gym and everything in between without issue. Hand it out to students who’ve completed 25+ classes with you or as a signup bonus for your gym to entice new customers.

Toiletry Bag

toiletry bag

There’s nothing worse than spilled shampoo in a gym bag. Save your customers from that horrible fate with a branded toiletry bag! They can zip up all their liquids in a separate bag, keeping their clothes and shoes safe from rogue shampoo.

Pedometer with Flashlight


Getting your steps in is essential, but without a step counter, how will your customers know when they’ve hit their goal? This pedometer is excellent for tracking walks outdoors, even at night. Featuring a flashlight and a siren, the pedometer doubles as an emergency siren to keep safe on walks.

Resealable Trail Mix Pouch

trail mix

Nothing beats a good snack after a hard workout. Have these resealable packets of delicious trail mix printed with your business information and leave them at the front for guests to grab on their way out of the gym, or hand them out to potential customers for an easy (and tasty!) promotion.

Want to learn more about the other physical fitness promotions we offer? Contact us today!

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