Coronavirus Update And What We Are Doing To Help You!

  • Mar 16, 2020

Once again, we find it necessary to use our


"Dare To Be Different" Blog


to continue the conversation about the impact of the Coronavirus.

With the constant influx of information and daily updates, we find ourselves

facing an environment unlike anything we have ever faced before!


We receive timely updates from our vendors assuring us that they are complying with government and healthcare regulations to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of their employees.  They are working diligently with the supply chains to have all of the materials needed to continue with the daily activity and production of your orders.


We want to assure you that during this time of uncertainty, we are available and will continue

to support your business and marketing efforts.




Are you concerned about an existing order? 


If your office or school is closed, let us know!  We will request that the order be shipped when your

office has re-opened, or request a different ship to address.


Has your event been canceled?  Some of our vendors will help with drop-shipping  efforts and fees allowing you to ship to individuals that would have attended your event.

While there are some restrictions to this offer, this can help you follow through

with your marketing efforts despite the cancellation. 



Are you concerned about future marketing initiatives

and fulfillment of orders?


Many of the overseas factories are getting back to work, though they may not be at full capacity.

Our domestic vendors keep us informed on inventory levels and communicate with us almost daily

about ways we can help you meet your promotional marketing needs.


What do we recommend?


We realize that the unknown makes it very difficult to plan,

but we all need to think beyond this global crisis. 

What we do with regard to marketing NOW can make a huge

difference in where we stand at the end.


With the reduction in face to face meetings and events,

consider sending out a 'Creative Marketing' campaign

designed to engage with your intended target market. 


We believe that this is not the time to cancel your marketing efforts but an

important time to keep 'top of mine' with your clients!


If you have upcoming marketing initiatives, don't wait to place your order.

Inventory levels are changing daily; timelines for replenishment are unknown

and production times are longer than usual. 

Get your order in, be in queue for production. 


Looking for ways to make life easier for your employees?


In attempts to keep people healthy, we are seeing an increase in people working remotely. 

This may become more of a 'trend' even when we return to 'normalcy'. 


In addition to making your own employees comfortable in their home office,

it may be a perfect marketing initiative for your clients. 


We have many items to offer for the perfect


Mobile Office Collection


As always, we are happy to share our ideas with you!


Perhaps this is the time to


"Dare to Be Different"


Stay engaged with your clients, but most of all, stay healthy!


We are, and will continue, to be here for you!

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