Can You Believe They Make This- Cold Shoulder

  • Mar 8, 2021

The Ability To Simplify Means To Eliminate The Unnecessary,

So That The Necessary May Speak....

                                                                                                                                          ~ Hans Hoffman



It's amazing how trends evolve!

In this case, it's literally the elimination of a

piece of fabric on the shoulder, A.K.A.


The Cold Shoulder


The perfect mix of fashion and function when it comes to getting your Vaccination!


Suppliers in our industry are ready!


Is the Cold-Shoulder trend going to be part of your

Back To Work look?





I realize this is not a brand new trend, but tweets went viral this week

after Dolly Parton wore a cold shoulder shirt when receiving her vaccine.


A UK lifestyle site says

"They've seen a spike in sales of off-the-shoulder outfits by 29% between January and February",

referring to the cold-shoulder top as the next evolution in pandemic fashion


While we transition away from the 'Work From Home' comfy clothes,

we now have a piece of clothing to represent the

"impending promise of a brighter future."


Our team is here to help you!

Let's be creative and help you to differentiate yourself from your competition.


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